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This guide is written for Kanopi engineers, regardless of discipline or CMS of choice. The expectation is that you are familiar with basic CS concepts and aren’t afraid to ask a question or two if something here is challenging or unfamiliar.
We strive to create as much parity as possible across both Drupal and WordPress in our work, and the goal of this documentation is to set universal standards for our code and our tooling that represent general open source engineering best practices. These best practices are opinionated, but intentional.
If something in this guide doesn’t make sense, raises questions, or otherwise causes you to scratch your head, definitely reach out to the documentation working group or your manager with your suggestions. We want to hear them – collaborating on our tools and standards is part of what makes us #BetterTogether. We may not always accept every suggestion or make every change, but an open dialogue is a healthy one.
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Kanopi works to provide mentorship at every level of our engineering organization. This starts with dedicated channels in Slack and extends to a formal mentorship program for new engineers, new employees, and folx moving into a new role. Head over to the intranet to learn more about what mentorship looks like at Kanopi.
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