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NXS Roadmap

Phase 1: The Beginning
Conceptualization of Art , Character Designing
3D Character Modelling and Texturing , Environment Design
3D Asset creation and integration with Unreal Engine
Character Rigging And Animation
Phase 2: The Work in Progress
Website , Smart Contract Development
Community Building
Twitter and Discord Collaborations
Lore Writing and Tokenomics
NXS Public Mint
Phase 3:
Staking of Ninja/Samurai NFTs to earn $NXS
NXS Game Design and Development begins
Marketing of NXS Game in the Web2.0 among Gaming Community
Setup of Hybrid Economic structure between web2.0 (NXSGame) and web3.0 (NXSverse)
Dropping NXS NFT Arenas
Phase 4:
The NXS Game launch
Mass Marketing in both Web3.0 and Web2.0

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