QuickBooks Online Invoicing Pack (Beta)

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Sync Tables Are Read Only

Sync tables are read-only, so you can’t accidentally (or intentionally) impact your data on QBO with the pack in its current form. (Eventually it will be updated to include Actions which can modify bits of QBO data on a one-by-one basis, but these will be very clear and something you have to manually tie to buttons or automations if you want to use them. The sync tables themselves will remain unidirectional QBO → Coda).

Row Limits

If you have more than 1000 customers or invoices, you can increase the maximum synced rows to 10,000. In a table, go Options → QB Invoices (Prod) → Settings → Table Limit

Invoice PDFs

You can sync in PDF versions of your invoices - in the Options for your Invoices table, under Sync, click Add Criteria and set Include PDFs to True. It does get a bit slow, so be patient if you’re syncing a large number of invoices.

Show Additional QBO Data Columns

The Pack shows a few columns by default, but there’s lots more data that’s being synced in. You can add columns by hovering on a customer or invoice, scrolling through the available data points, and clicking “Add Column”.

Add Your Own Columns

Feel free to add your own columns to the sync table. For example, maybe you’d like to see a column about how many days overdue an invoice is.

Make Views

Make views of the sync tables for working on different tasks. For example, you could make a view of Invoices filtered to just unpaid ones. If you use sub-customers (aka Jobs), you could group a view by parent customer.
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