QuickBooks Online Invoicing Pack (Beta)

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Right now the Pack is focused on the importing process - getting your invoicing and customer data into Coda.
Other features I’m working on:
Create customers
This including sub-customers like jobs/projects, under what you might conventionally think of as a “customer”
Handy for integrating with your CRM - could win a deal and have Coda create the job in QuickBooks (adding the root-level customer record first if needed)
Support for related data like estimates and inventory
I don’t personally use QBO estimates or inventory so I’d love to hear about how you use them in your business, and how you’d like to interface with them in Coda.
Modify invoices & line items
Let me know what kinds of data would be most useful to edit/update here
Create invoices
Please let me know your thoughts about how you want this to work. Invoices are quite complex, being made up of line items of different types etc. Formulas could get unwieldy quickly, but I think this could be useful functionality...

Ultimately, I want to hear what YOU want to do with the Pack. Get in touch at nick.haffie.emslie@gmail.com
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