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Creative Builders DAO, because
Builders don’t know what to create which can get attention - Acquisition
Creators don’t know what to build which can sell - Retention

In a company:
Customers - get value from the product/service
Employees - get value from salary
Shareholders - get value from stock appreciation
Suppliers - get value in $$$$
Leadership - get value in salary and stock
Community - get value from externalities
In a network/DAO:
Customers - get value from the network (using tokens)
Employees - get value in tokens
Shareholders - get value from tokens
Suppliers - get value in $$$$ or tokens
Leadership - get value in tokens
Community - get value from externalities

Fiat company
- paper incorporation- paper contracts
- paper payments
- paper accounting
Crypto company
- on-chain incorporation
- on-chain smart contracts
- on-chain payments
- on-chain accounting
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