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Experiment: The Void Cafe DAO

Objective: Build a digital presence in any virtual land like , , etc.
Two collections(to start with):
Core: Ownership
Identity: Proof-of-Network
Every Instagram post of page
Eligible for profit sharing from Void’s treasury including digital assets, passive income from brand collaborations etc.
Eligible for $VOID tokens. More tokens ~ More shares & voting rights
Need atleast one Identity NFT to buy any Core NFT
10% royality for every flip - goes directly to the treasury!
Every person who has visited or knows someone from the network will be eligible for Identity collection
Every Identity holder is eligible for voting but, no shares
Every NFT will be an algorithmically generated unique piece - Max upper cap of 10k!
Should be cheaper as we might need to distribute it for free initially
Gamify the referral part
Each wallet can hold max 1 Core & 1 Identity NFT

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