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Free Airdrops

What are these airdrops and why are people getting them for free? Airdrops are tokens that can be used to govern the platform that made them. The platforms deliver these airdrops when they make the plunge towards becoming a DAO, and they typically give them to the wallets that have used their product before, since they're the ones who most care about the platform. These tokens can be resold immediately, and so in a way it can be viewed as free money, but the truth is more radical than that: tokens represent ownership in the fundamental tools that will be used in this new web.

So, its good to collect as much as possible - its literally FREE money! **WAGMI**
Some kind soul created an excel sheet with some rumoured airdrops(few might have expired based on the time you are accessing this sheet):

Interesting thread by another fellow to try out different protocols for free airdrops:
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