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Preference centre strategy

Data Accuracy & Management:

Initially, you ask customers to give you their preferences. Then, you have to persuade them to update their data again and again.

Zero party data strategy key pointers:

Should we ask a few basic questions or launch an advanced preference centre that includes account information and uses progressive profiling?
How should we ask users to update their preference data?
What message style or content generates more preference centre visits?
Should incentives be offered, to encourage customers to fill out and update their preference?
How should we launch the preference centre?
How will we test the effectiveness of our preference centre messaging?
What are our KPIs of success?
Who’s responsible for managing the preference centre?


Not everyone will hand over their data.
They don’t like filling out forms
They don’t trust us to keep their data safe
They just ignore our requests).
Decaying data. Data has expiration date. Preferences change as the customer’s life changes. They can go stale after just three to four months. → How do we update data?
Validating and Cross-Referencing Preferences: A preference centre shows only part of the picture. e.g. If customer might say they prefer golf over tennis or have daughters instead of sons, but their buying behaviour shows them checking out tennis racquets and buying boys’ clothing. Are they lying? No, they’re probably shopping for gifts.
Costs involved with building, maintaining and using the data colle

Potential workarounds:

Using First party data capture inferring from user browsing behaviour for progressive filling and continuous updating
Progressive filling: filling part at the beginning and rest ‘while’ browsing
Splitting psychographics and demographics and product related questions
Populating different profile for different searches or categories? sessions e.g. gifting?
Micro moments for progressive filling e.g. While customer is browsing, they are asked to fill out questions
Measure time since last data is provided and ask to update e.g. 6 months? update ask if this changed
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