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Core Values Reflection
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It is the key. It opens many comfortable doors that we may not be aware of. We neglect it sometimes. We might all be a victim of it at some point in our lives, but we have been too hard to accept the reality. Taking it might be the entire century personal journey process, and living it may be another fruitful journey. All I can say is that it is essential to bring it into our day-to-day life and live its aspects because the end goal of it is always happiness on either of the groups that decide to use it.
Google may have a better definition; personally, truth is a space where interests, random thoughts, and views that cling along in our heads have a chance to be aired or shared with the people around us. It is one time when you are uncomfortable with the choice you made a few seconds ago but decides to take possible steps to stop the uncomfortability from happening. Sometimes, it may be the same scenario as someone taking a load out of your shoulders when this happens.
You can be truthful by killing the resistance of not saying something when you have to say it—or even being calm when you have to; all these works as being truthful. I’d admit to being truthful at some point in my life. And most of the time, it occurred that I was sincere in the kind of friendships I’ve with people and the variety of natural choices I make in wearing the type of clothes that I feel comfortable with. It has been hard on a friendship basis because being truthful comes with pain. I was courageous to close some friendships, shut people’s opinions on what to dress, and start a new kind of living. I had to break some day-to-day interactions and live the kind of new life that I pictured myself living. Speaking today about it, I’d still want to be close friends with Mr.Truth. It is an aspect that takes me to who I want to be, and I love it there.
How would you describe to be your core value to living?
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