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After graduation

What it felt to graduate
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I have been doing great. I cannot complain about how things have been working for me.
I graduated late 2020, and I was doing a bachelor of science in meteorology. I expected that I would have graduated with a job in any meteorology field of expertise. But that has not been the reality because I am now working as an administrator in a construction company. The job position is quite appealing, and I am grateful for my role in the company.
Back in the day as a student, I experienced pressure to get a good GPA, be well mannered, and strategic. Yet, even after graduating, I still happen to be pressured by people’s expectations to be employed somewhere and get paid for or having something to do for the community. And in fact, it is overwhelming.
However, as a university student, there were expectations too. All these expectations had so much to do with the mentality; many others went to university pursuing a different kind of undergraduate field study and believe that we have to work on the spaces we studied for. But being in university exposed us to different environments and experiences, which were significant in our journeys.
Being in the university has been more of a comfort bubble with limited responsibilities. Where I learned that all I was responsible for was to study and to obtain good grades. After graduating, I realized that this is my life, and I’ve to be proactive enough. I have to make better decisions and take responsibility. So far, it has been connecting the dots, and I felt that I’ve just started living. There have been a lot of expectations from society, family, and even myself. They expect me to have a job, get paid, or have something worthwhile to offer. I’ve got many of my classmates who are still at home finding jobs for five months now. It is a crampy and challenging journey.
If I had the chance back, I’d intended to use thirty percent of my time studying and investing much of my time in social activities and projects. But maybe I’d spend more time creating a reality of what I experienced in university to the real world, meeting new people to expand my professional network, and knowing different spaces that I might like to invest my time in. I’d pin up that as a student, it is imperative to live the reality and do something in society or even at your family.
Find your voice in the community and do more things around there.
We always have time and invest in unrealistic dramas that do not contribute to our personal and professional growth. We neglect to find ourselves, what we want in our lives, and other fundamental questions to ask ourselves.

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