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My creative life journey proceeds
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I am one among the billion young people in the globe, who believes in differences created by everyday actions in our lives.
My name is Doreen, a meteorologist, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, designer, and violinist. I am an individual driven by curiosity and find joy in creativity. When there is a chance of little happiness, I might grab some nice dish to eat, take my gears for boxing, stare at some beautiful nature, or enjoy some wonderful music.
Back in the years, at the age of seven years old, I started off designing simple materials like diaries, boxes, repairing some of my mother’s jewelry. With such memorable activities, I created a hobby out of it. In 2017, when I actually began my journey in university as a fresh student, I did my first investment where I took approximately fifty dollars that were remaining balance from my expenses budget. And bought materials and some tools to start the business. I still remember how scary it felt even after sharing what I decided with some close friends since it was a risk taken out of an important fund for my needs. The remaining amount of money could only push me through for less than five days.
As much of the materials were available in online stores, I then utilized online shipping. This cost me to use extra cost. One Sunday, I packed up rock bracelets that I designed and went around the campus areas to sell several. As excited and joyful as I was to do it, for the first time I made around twenty-five dollars. With such achievement, I knew that I’d get income out of such designing activity.
With such numerous achievements, I proceeded with normal sales having students as the main clients. And then, moved to get large quantity orders before my parents felt concerned that the business might affect my academics. I stopped selling the designs but I’d not stop designing whenever I could. Soon as I graduated, I took my attention back to designing mode and started off an earrings project. Having much time invested in it, led to a number of supplies order to one wholesaler in town and a colleague partnered to invest in the project. This did not delay expansion of it led to a significant opportunity to showcase at the annual national business exhibitions mostly referred to as ‘Sabasaba’ in 2021. Later after, I dared to travel to Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Dodoma for other exhibitions. All these activities fuel my vision to initiate a woman-based industry here in Tanzania. With exposure to a number of exhibitions, I realized there are so many imported items that we could actually manufacture, and different industry fields that can be fully utilized by investments. It's my greatest dream to achieve.
Let me take you back on my postgraduate experience, it appeared to be a scary transformation in the beginning. I feared not knowing what is coming next. The feeling of uncertainty that we may all feel at some point in our lives when things become challenging.
However, the coin flipped at some point in the journey. The scary transformation made me stronger, and more creative. It was up to me to build the future that I desire. Which was quite contrary to how eighty percent of young undergraduate students would take responsibility for. As a student, we perceive that things may work out and see the world differently. But out here, the process is quite different.
On the other hand, pressure is something that is inevitable in our community. After graduation, other colleagues appeared to have succeeded and that made me feel like I am set to fail or be left behind. Yet, life has no particular formula. Standing strong to creativity and what I believed in, made me prevail. I am still on the journey to success. And things are not always easy but not impossible. So if it doesn't work out as I planned, it is okay to learn to be courageous.

Wisdom Shared
Every individual in a university or any other educational institution should know how important investment is. It is upon you to save the capital of anything whether project or business to make such investments. And trust God, trust in your abilities
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