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Thikr Brand Strategy
on this page there are general notes/drafts

Audience Desires & Myths

people are trying to reach to inner peace. the product is an entry gate/medium to help get there.
you will only find your happiness within yourself. the product will resemble and remind you of that.
Connect and get closer to Allah
gift their loved ones something worthy and nice → our gifts will last with them for a long time.
parents want their kids to grow with those values

Unique Selling Points

The origin story, as the founder lived the journey that lead to inner peace and happiness, they can guide on how to use the product.
What other unique selling points can we do?
All products provide guaranteed results, not only because of our experiences but because the guarantee comes from Allah Himself.
Every product has a story behind it.
Instructions of how to use the product
Some instructions can include other people which can make the product market itself.

244.3 kB

Empower people from within,
We believe that we have atreasure (أسماء الله الحسنى) but we need to raise awareness of the great benefits and how essential it is to our inner peace and happiness.
Thikr is to help you stay connected to Allah by promoting the act of constant thikr
We have translated our experiences into elegant/beautiful decorative pieces , easy to access, perfect to gift urself and others, ur one step away from unlocking your happiness , what are you waiting for?

The Enemy: Energy pseudo-science.


“We live in a world where we all pursue happiness, hoping to find it somewhere, or with someone, soon to realize it fades away, and we go on to chase another, and so on it goes.

The way to happiness, eternal happiness and peace, is within ourselves.
It starts by connecting to/with the Ultimate Source of the Universe and ends with Him, Allah (Subhanah Wa Ta’ala).
We hope our products guide you to your inner peace and eternal happiness…”s

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