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Thikr Brand Strategy

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Brand's Personality


The key is to make the brand personality authentic and consistent with brand values while resonating with the target audience.

Tone of Voice

Soft & Caring
Simple words
Keep the messaging short and concise
Don’t be afraid to tell the whole story when it is appropriate and the reader is hooked.
Start with the problem
Raise the stakes in the story. Have a do or die moment.

Looks & Feel

Different & Unique
Tied to religion and heritage
Arabic Calligraphy inspired
Calm, shiny & valuable (Gold)


Have the donation note in the card.
Have a hand written thank you note. Or a printed one with a hand written signature.


Remain realistic
Have someone thinking: I never thought of it this way
In products. Innovate & design the experience and link the story
In lessons taught


Be genuine
Aim to bring something new to the table
Have an eye for the details
Sell the story & experience, not the product
We sell our own success stories
The answers are their in the religion

The Sage

What is a Sage brand? A Sage brand is the wise one, always seeking out the truth and is on a constant quest for education. Understanding and guidance are key characteristics of those considered a Sage, and you can count on them to always teach you something new.
What drives them? Knowledge
What’s their anthem? The Undertones –
Sage archetype example: The BBC uses its Sage brand archetype to position itself as a trustworthy knowledge provider. Audiences can rely on the BBC to better their understanding of cultural and current world events. Everything from the services they provide to the language they use stems from this drive for better understanding. Their is an excellent example of their brand archetype. “Our mission is to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain.”
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