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Tips for writing better emails:


It’s a philosophy for setting a really clear intention before you put pen to paper or tap out a social media post on your keyboard.
How do I want my reader to feel?
Inspired, Confident, Relieved, Understood?
If you want your reader to feel understood, you could open with a quick story from your own life that shows you’ve been there — and you get it. ​
What do I want my reader to know?
Do you want your reader to know...
That you don’t need to diet to lose weight?
That renovating their home can be easy?
That you’re hosting an event and they are invited?
Don't try and cram lots of things in, remember that the average human attention span is 8 seconds.
Whatever you want your reader to know — keep it as clear and simple as you can. Don’t clump too many messages and ideas together.
What do I want my reader to do?
Do you want your reader to...
Take action?
Share your content?
Book a session?
Buy a new product?
Register for a class?
The Do is your “call to action.”
The simpler your call to action, the better.
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