July 13

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Ways and tips on how to communicate and build relationship with everyone that can help in building the authority

Things you can do to communicate better and build relationship:

(Based on personal experience and some experiment)
Know who you are talking to and the purpose of why you are talking to them
- observe their personality and their energy (mirror and match)
2. Make them feel comfortable and supported
- 80% Listening, 20% Speaking
- Always radiate a positive energy, SMILE!
- Be patient and calm
- it’s about them, not you
- be their number one listener
3. Think before you speak
- The last thing you would want is to offend them, so be careful with your choice of words and on how you deliver them
- Remember that you can build authority even without being mean to them
- Always imagine yourself in their situation
- Respect them the way you want them to respect you
4. Make things clear always
- be very direct to the point, no need to beat around the bush (but you can always “tee up” your conversation)
- if there’s still something confusing, always clarify (in a nice way)
5. Connect with them in an emotional level
- find your common ground with them
- ask questions that both of you can connect to
- get to know them personally and get along with them
- genuinely build a friendship with them
- support them not just in their business, if you can
Active listening
Leadership (Showing authority)


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