July 15

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Organizing tools that you can use to work efficiently

Separating business and personal account

- it is very important that you keep your personal stuffs from your work files because it helps you become more organized
- for you to have an easy flow when working

Overview in using Gsuite apps

Gdrive- organizing files
creating folders
sharing access
backing up of data
Gcal- setting schedules and appointments
inviting guests
description to put
syncing to Zoom, if possible
sharing access, not so necessary
Gmail- sending important documents and announcements
Add to list
Gsheets- trackers and databases
Freezing panes
Conditional formatting
Data Validation
Grouping rows/columns
frequently used formulas (sum, sumif/s, if, pivot table)
Gforms- registrations, surveys and others
Bookmarking- for easy access

Other suggested tools

Coda- organizing files and backing up
Canva- presentations, posters and videos
Mailchimp- for invitations, newsletters
- shortening and personalizing URLS
- online editing of pdf documents

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