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You can build anything in Coda—really. This doc will acquaint you with Coda’s building blocks so that you can let your creativity run free.

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If you can type in a doc, you can use Coda. While you’re welcome to stop there, with a clean writing surface, you can also build docs as powerful as apps. And it’s not as scary as it sounds. Coda’s building blocks ensure that each doc has the ability to evolve and grow, giving you the autonomy to make docs that fit your needs. You have the power to build something scalable, easy to understand, and intuitive for others to use—you just need to get started.
And we’re here to help you along your path to learning Coda. Ask yourself:

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What to expect from the rest of this doc.

Every journey has pitstops—and this one is no different. Below are the stops available to you, from video tutorials to hands-on exercises to relevant reading.

Learn by watching

- Coda basics, in video form.
- Learn to write and read Coda’s unique formula language.
- Recognize and use common doc patterns to scale your doc.
- Explore a set of real-world scenarios and best practices.

Learn by doing

- Build a table, guided by a few pre-set goals.
- Create something unexpected with our favorite way to procrastinate.

Choose your learning journey.

Below you’ll find a specially curated curriculum to guide you as you gain a better understanding of Coda’s building blocks and they fit together. Don’t forget to
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