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We love puzzles at Coda. Not only are they our preferred procrastination method, they also get at an important product tenant of ours: Encourage play. Our favorite moments—and the thing we try to engender in our product design—is when work and play converge. When concentration slips into a creative groove while building out a doc, and you build something you didn’t expect.

Puzzle #1: The Emoji Slider

We love emoji sliders at Coda. They bring an emotional precision and nuance to our workplace communication. You can find them in virtually all of our internal project tracking docs, and the majority of the rest. An obvious choice for a bite-sized puzzle:

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Puzzle #2: The blinking table

Screen Recording 2018-01-23 at 03.22 PM.gif
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Puzzle #3: Oscar voting

Can you create an Oscars voting doc like this one?

We're looking for two things:
Voting selection should move the bar graph underneath.
And winner selection should color the bar and the voting table.

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Puzzle #4: Coda Mad Libs

Create Mad Libs inside of Coda. Hint: No filter necessary.
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Puzzle #5: Tic Tac Toe

Set up your Tic Tac Toe board with buttons, and add a "Clear Board" feature.
Want an extra challenge? Make the board light up when somebody wins. (If you're really stumped, scroll down.)
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Puzzle #6: Puppygram

For your bite-sized puzzle, connect the to Coda and make your task tracker a little more motivational.
puzzle 6.final.gif
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Puzzle #7: Wikipedia flashcards

For your big puzzle, use the to recreate this guessing game.
We did flags but let your autodidactic heart be your guide. If you hook it up right, you won't need any copy/pasting.
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