Learn by doing

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In the videos, you walked through Coda’s building blocks and formulas, as well as common doc patterns and schemas. Now we’re asking you to apply all of that hard-earned knowledge with the exercises below.
Start by adding a table to this page, either by typing /table or clicking Explore in the upper right. Then use the checklist to build on to your table. And, most importantly, have fun!

[Add your table here!]

Name the table by double-clicking the name
Add rows by pressing enter
Add a column by clicking the plus sign to the right of the table
Add a new view of your table
Make a change in either location

Add a Due Date column to the table below - format the column as a Date
Add an Urgent? column and format it as a checkbox
Add a Status column and format it as a select list with "Not started", "In Progress", and "Done" as the options

Add a filter to the table by clicking Filter so it only shows "In Progress" tasks
Add another filter to show Urgent items

Add a conditional format by clicking Options to highlight all urgent tasks in red
Add a conditional format for each status of task

Add a comment to any cell.
Type an @ symbol and your name in the canvas below
Hover over the people and task @mentions you created to view details

Organize your data.

Group by Status on the left
Ungroup the column, and group by Status on the top
Arrange Groups by dragging and dropping

Group the table by status along the top
Change the table to a card view
Drag and drop cards between groups
Change the display to a timeline.

Add formula to calculate 2*2 in the canvas below
Type =User in the canvas below to see who's logged in
Calculate the number of tasks using the formula Tasks.Count()
Count in-progress tasks using Tasks.Filter(Status="In Progress").Count()
Count days till done using Tasks.Due.Max() - Today()

Add a column to the table below for Parent Project
Choose select list → New
After you add a few options, click Convert to Table

Add a button that adds rows to the table below
Use the Explore panel or slash command to insert a Single Select control in the canvas where indicated
Right-click on the control and name it Selected Status and set the Selected Items to Not Started, In Progress, Done
Filter the Tasks table to show rows where: Status uses and interactive filter

Add an automation to this doc
When - Time-based
Then > Notify > To - select your name > Message - Enter a nice message for yourself

Install the Gmail Pack
Add a button that sends this page to your email
Explore the other Packs listings to see if any of the other apps you use are available

Check your progress.

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