India Partner Network (IPN) FAQ

What are the benefits of joining India Partner Network (IPN)?
The IPN platform supports impact organisations by providing them with essential tools to enable their growth and impact. When an impact organisation joins the IPN platform, they are offered assistance through the following:
Knowledge resources: Access to templates, frameworks, guidelines and other resources across functions (eg: fundraising, communications, HR, finance etc.)
Events and webinars: Access to a wide range of events and webinars with downloadable additional resources.
Donor connects / collaboration: Opportunity to be discovered for relevant funding or collaboration opportunities.
Network: Ability to discover and connect with service providers, peers and experts
Visibility: Showcase for your programmes to attract potential donors and impact a wider audience through IPN “public profile page”
News and updates: Access to latest news, updates, events and other trends across the development sector
Who is eligible to join IPN?
Any established and functioning socially relevant organisation legally registered as a Trust, a Society, a Section 8 or a Pvt. Ltd. company is eligible to join IPN.
How can I make the most of the IPN?
Familiarise yourself with the platform: Spend sometime to explore different sections of the platform, navigation across sections and understand how each section can be effectively leveraged for your organisational requirements
Build a strong profile for your organisation on IPN: Build and maintain a strong profile on IPN by adding all relevant information and periodically update the same to ensure higher visibility. This will improve your
discoverability for funding/collaboration opportunities with donors that Sattva works with
quality of “public profile page“ that can be shared with peers, partners, funders etc.
experience on platform through recommendations on content, events etc.
Onboard the right people from your organisation as users on the platform: Add employees playing different roles within your organisation (fundraising, programs, communication managers, etc.) as users on the platform to maximise the platform usage and derive benefits across all functional areas.
Subscribe to notifications: Subscribe to notifications so that you receive regular updates on new resources, events, news/updates on the platform.
Use “help and support” to get support and share feedback: Actively use the “help and support” feature to get help from the IPN team or share feedback towards improving your experience on the platform. The team will get back to you to resolve the issue or provide any further handholding, as required.
Is there a subscription fee to join IPN?
There is no joining or subscription fee on IPN. IPN is designed as a digital platform that provides open access to all content and resources including events and webinars. The only requirement is to be a registered member to benefit from the platform.
Why is IPN seeking such detailed organisation information?
IPN seeks detailed information from registered organisations to efficiently connect them with donors that Sattva works with. This data is shared with numerous donors, eliminating the need for repetitive submissions for each new opportunity. Here's why this information is crucial:
Enhanced Long listing Potential: By sharing updated profile and compliance-related information, organisations increase their chances of being long listed for grant possibilities.
Due diligence to assess credibility and compliance for funding opportunities: Thorough organisational information demonstrates transparency and accountability, establishing trust with donors and corporate funders.
Improved content and features: By analysing the information shared by the organisation, IPN will be able to provide relevant content, opportunities, and services based on specific geographies, sectors, causes, and more. By seeking detailed organisational information, IPN facilitates effective matchmaking and streamlines the long-listing and shortlisting process. It also fosters transparency and enhances fundraising opportunities for the impact organisations.
What information is required to build my profile? How long does it take to complete the profiling process?
Your organisation details on IPN helps understand your organisation’s profile, the programs you run, your success areas and current needs, and thus help gauge potential opportunities that would best fit your team. Thus, profile building is a vital part of existing on IPN.
There are 4 key sections to an organisation profile:
Registration: This section requires you to fill out basic minimum information such as organisation name, PAN number, website details etc. to register yourself on the IPN platform. This information allows us to authenticate you as a legally registered and functional organisation.
Estimated time to fill out this section: 5 mins
Basic: This section captures information that helps us profile you. This includes information on your date of registration, headquarters, geographical reach, sector focus, budget and others. The profile created will help us understand your organisation better and share recommendations regarding events, resources and potential funding/collaboration opportunities.
Estimated time to fill out this section: 10 mins
Compliance: This section requires you to fill basic compliance details including statutory regulations, registrations, documentation and reporting, financial details, donor details etc. This section helps us understand your alignment to basic due diligence requirements which is critical for improving the discovery of your organisation, esp. during a funding or collaboration opportunity. Further, this also helps in building a strong “public profile” page which can be shared with other donors.
Estimated time to fill out this section: 20 mins
Note: The time taken will be more in case you don’t have the required documents handy.
Compliance Plus: This section captures advanced compliance information such as governance details, leadership and board, execution capabilities of the organisation etc. These are information required during a detailed due diligence or evaluation of an organisation to assess their fitment to a funding/collaboration opportunity. While the completion of this section is critical only if you are shortlisted for a funding opportunity, we highly encourage you to fill out this section and keep it regularly updated as it will help you fast-track the funding process with more ease.
Estimated time to fill out this section : 30 mins
Note: The time taken will be more in case you don’t have the required documents handy
What if I don’t want to share all the information on the profile page?
Sharing of information on IPN is voluntary. The only information required for you to access the basic services on IPN is registration information (mentioned above). The benefits of building a strong profile by sharing information is mentioned above.
How often should I update my profile on the platform?
It is recommended that you check your profile data every six months to ensure the data is the latest.
Can I trust that my data will be safe and secure?
Yes, we take data privacy and security very seriously. We use advanced security measures to protect all user data and ensure that it is not accessed or shared without explicit permission. Please go through our Terms and Conditions and Private Policy to understand this better.
How can I provide feedback about the platform?
You can contact our team by using the Help and Support feature located at the bottom of the homepage. Feel free to submit your queries or concerns.


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