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Do you hate meal planning? Maybe this Coda doc will help 😁

What each page is for

is to view the recipe for today’s meal.
is to view the recipes chosen for the week ahead.
is a auto-generated list of all the ingredients required for all recipes in the meal plan.
is a table showing all saved recipes.
is to find the details for any saved recipe in a readable format.
is where all the databases are stored, from which all other pages pull information from.

How to use this doc

First things first, make a copy of this Coda document!
Then add your favourite recipes to the database. To do that, head to the, hit the “Add a new recipe” button and fill in the sections. Below is an example of how it should look when completed. There is additional space for a rating and notes after you’ve tried out the recipe.
Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 17.33.15.png
Next, add the ingredients for the recipe to the . This table is a little glitchy... how I use it is by clicking on the “Add recipe items” button and add the first ingredient. Once a recipe has at least one item linked to it, it will show up in the dropdown box. So I’ll go ahead and find it, then add the rest of the ingredients directly to the table, as it’s quicker to tab across than to keep clicking on the button.
Next, I’ll check that the ingredients are categorised correctly. Some items will already be in the database and will already be categorised as a veg, fruit, etc. But anything new will need to have a category assigned to it. The video above shows further details.
Once there are a bunch of recipes in place, it’s time to start meal planning! Head to the
and look at the recipes available. Choose which day you’d like to cook them in the first column. This will also display the recipes in the to get an overview for the week.
Go shopping! All ingredients for the recipes added to the meal plan will be automatically added to the . You can use the “Reset list” button to clear out all of the checked items for when you start shopping the following week.
Lastly, cook stuff! The page will grab the recipe assigned for today and display it in an easy-to-read format to make it easy to follow along from your phone/laptop/tablet.
Disclaimer - this was made by myself, a frustrated meal-planner and fairly inexperienced Coda user that happens to love databases. I know it’s not perfect, there are lots of little things that could do with improvement. But we’ve been using this for about a year or more and it’s been helpful for us, I hope you can make some use of it too!
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