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Objective: To provide IT students with hands-on experience in no-code web development using Airtable.
Duration: 20 days (8 hours/day) 4 Weeks

Program Overview:

Day 1: Introduction

Welcome and icebreaker activities
Introduction to no-code web development and Airtable
Overview of the 20-day program

Day 2-3: Fundamentals of Airtable

Understanding Airtable bases, tables, views, and fields
Creating and customising tables and fields
Importing and exporting data
Basic data manipulation and calculations

Day 4-6: Designing Web Applications with Airtable

Identifying project requirements and objectives
Defining the user interface and user experience
Developing wireframes and prototypes
Collaborating in teams to refine designs

Day 7-9: Building Web Applications using Airtable

Introduction to Airtable's API and integration options
Connecting Airtable to web development platforms (e.g., Softr)
Building web applications using no-code tools
Customising layouts, themes, and styling

Day 10-12: Advanced Functionality and Integrations

Automations and custom scripts
Third-party integrations (e.g., Zapier, Integromat)
Building advanced features (e.g., user authentication, e-commerce)
Performance optimisation and best practices

Day 13-16: Group Project

Forming project teams
Identifying project requirements and objectives
Building web applications using the skills acquired
Daily progress presentations and feedback

Day 17-18: Testing and Debugging

Quality assurance and testing methodologies
Identifying and resolving issues
Browser compatibility testing
Performance optimisation

Day 19: Presentation and Evaluation

Final project presentations
Peer and instructor evaluations
Group feedback and discussion

Day 20: Wrap-up and Future Opportunities

Review of the 20-day program and key takeaways
Exploring further learning resources and opportunities
Networking and future collaboration
Certificates and closing ceremony

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