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Google Tasks Pack for Coda

Manage your Google tasks and task lists in Coda.
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Google Tasks is a task management application which integrates with .
Get started with Google Tasks:
This pack enables you to view, edit, and manage your tasks, and view your task lists.

How it works

After installing the pack and connecting your Google Account, add the desired building blocks to your doc. Check out the
page for an interactive demo of some of the pack functionality.


Use Formulas to view your tasks and task lists.


Use Actions to edit and manage your tasks.

Sync Table

Use Sync Tables to sync your tasks and task lists in the doc.


This pack enhances the experience of Google Tasks users by enabling them to view and manage their Google Tasks related data from within their own Coda docs, as they would in native Google clients such as Google Calendar or Gmail on web or mobile.

User data

Note: content related to user data, privacy, etc. in this section and in other resources related to the Google Tasks pack were created to assist with the review process in order to get approval for the purposes of accessing Google APIs and enabling OAuth with Google Accounts (see ). This pack handles user data more or less the same as any other Coda pack. The pack has since been approved, but I have decided to leave the content here anyway.
This pack requests access to Google user data when you choose to connect a Google account. The pack requests access to two scopes in order to view, create, edit, organise, and delete your Google Tasks. Since this pack uses OAuth 2.0 to get permission to access Google user data, scopes are used to specify the type of data to access and how much access is needed. Granting access to these scopes enables the pack to fulfill the functionality of its building blocks which enable viewing and managing your Google Tasks related data from within your Coda docs.

Identity and Intent

Who is requesting Google user data?

The Google Tasks Pack is requesting access to Google user data, for the intent expressed in the . See the for details about the role of this pack and Coda in requesting Google user data.

What data is being requested?

This pack requests access to two Google API scopes to view, create, edit, organize, and delete the user’s Google Tasks, and Google Tasks related data (e.g. task lists).

Why is Google user data being requested?

This pack intends to provide a client to enable users to view, create, edit, and delete their tasks. This pack uses the Google API scopes to enable mutating and showing a user's Google Tasks data within Coda docs where they choose to install this pack. This is so that users can manage their tasks through their own Coda docs where my app is installed as a plugin and sync the changes with their Google tasks.

Google API Services User Data Policy Compliance

The security features Coda has built into the Packs platform ensure the authorized client credentials to access Google API Services are kept confidential:
Coda handles credentials on behalf of the Pack, stores them encrypted at rest, and applies them to outgoing requests such that neither Pack code, Pack makers, nor other users of a doc ever have access to them.
The security features Coda has built into the Packs platform ensure that all packs, including those that make use of Google API Services, are protected against unauthorized or unlawful access, use, destruction, loss, alteration, or disclosure:
Packs run in a dedicated, secure server. We execute Packs in a secure sandbox environment that isolates Pack executions from Coda’s broader infrastructure and data and from other executions of Packs. The infrastructure receives an annual professional penetration test and receives constant evaluation via Coda’s .

SOC 2 Compliant, data encryption, data access controls, and more all come standard with Coda. .

Responsibility Model

This pack, as an application built using the SDK provided by Coda, and executed within a environment managed by Coda, characterizes the request for Google user data as an intent supplied to the aforementioned SDK, which ultimately manages the execution and implementation of such requests. The user granting access to the Google user data request results in authorized client credentials to access Google API Services being issued to the pack, which enables the pack to make authorized requests to Google APIs for such data.


Documentation for the pack including its various Formulas, Actions and Sync Table can be found in the and in the formula editor and various other Coda interfaces, as you use the pack building blocks in your doc.

Community discussion

Most of the discussion surrounding this pack and its development can be found on the Coda Maker forum under the topic here:
Feel free to join in on the conversation, or share your use cases elsewhere in the community. Additionally, if one of your doc makes use of the pack and can be showcased publicly, please make sure to publish it so that it can be highlighted in the pack listing for others to see!


Source code

[Source code is no longer open source.]

Development Progress

You can follow development progress by checking out updates posted regularly to the .
Pack development is largely bound by limitations in the API Google exposes for interacting with Google Tasks, and so development is not expected to resume until the API is upgraded to cover additional functionality. At this time, development is focused on supporting existing functionality. Please get in touch if you have a use case that is presently not supported by this pack.

Known Limitations

A non-exhaustive list of current limitations is found below. Missing functionality is usually due to a limitation imposed by the Google Tasks API that powers this pack, for which a corresponding tracking issue has usually already been reported in . The Google Tasks API is currently labelled as experimental, and some of the functionality available in various Google experiences is not yet supported through the API. Once Google decides to support these features in its API I will integrate them into the pack.
The pack cannot set or update the due time of a task. Only the date component is settable. The `due` parameter must be either a date or datetime, in which case the time portion of the timestamp is discarded. You can track the status of this issue
(you can +1 the issue if it affects you).
The pack cannot set or update the links associated with a task. As such, this property is omitted from the pack Actions that deal with creating or editing tasks, but it is still shown in the result of Formulas and Sync Tables that read tasks.
The pack cannot retrieve tasks created from Google Docs. Google recently introduced a feature to . Tasks created from Docs will show up in other Tasks clients (such as the pane in Calendar on web), but are currently not returned from the Google Tasks API. You can track the status of this issue
(you can +1 the issues if it affects you).
The pack cannot retrieve tasks created from Google Spaces (fka Google Chat room). Tasks created from Google Spaces will show up in other Tasks clients (such as the pane in Calendar on web), but are currently not returned from the Google Tasks API. You can track the status of this issue
(you can +1 the issue if it affects you).


If you have any questions, concerns, or problems while using the pack, feel free to comment with your situation on the .
Please don’t hesitate to report any issues you have encountered while using the pack!


Reach out for all other inquiries.
Note: this email is not regularly monitored. Please opt for the aforementioned support channels.

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