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Interactive demo of the Google Tasks Pack. Uses the actual tasks in the Google Account you choose to connect, with some safeguards.

To interact with this demo, first make a copy of the page using the button below.

After opening the new copy, you will be prompted to connect your own Google account.

Once you connected, you can get started with the demo below!

Make a copy of this Demo page
All actions in this demo operate only on Tasks created during the demo. Created tasks are prefixed with "Coda demo-".
Make sure to sync the table again after performing an action!
You can take a look at to see your changes in (near) real time.
Task list Show Completed tasks Show Deleted Tasks Show Hidden Tasks Due between
My Tasks
Mar 2, 2023 - Mar 1, 2024
Quick create a task
Punt a random task to the next week
(+7 days to Due date)
Connect your account to refresh data from Google Tasks.
Complete this task
Delete this task
Delete all Tasks created during demo
No items available
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