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This app (“pack”) does not store or otherwise retain any of the End User Data (which comprises Google user data) it processes. To the extent provisioned by the environment managed by Coda in which this pack is executed, any data processed by this pack is temporary. This pack does not make any attempt to share data with any other external party.
Data processed by this pack is provided either directly by the user from within the Coda doc in which the pack is installed — e.g. via formula parameters, or retrieved from an external, third-party data source or service. The ownership and release of any data retrieved from an external, third-party data source or service is governed by said data source or service.
This pack uses OAuth 2.0 to get permission from users to access their Google user data. The pack requests access to two Google API scopes to view, create, edit, organise, and delete the user’s Google Tasks. Accesses or requests to modify Google user data made to the Google API are initiated exclusively to fulfill an intent communicated by the user through the pack functionality, and is solely for the purpose of fulfilling that intent.
Anonymous, aggregated usage data may be collected by Coda, but doesn't include any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This Pack may log some of the data it processes for the purpose of development and support, but it is both temporary and can only be accessed if the user chooses to share it with others.
Read more about in-built security in packs:

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