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Reasons not to worry about AI.

This week, Adobe previewed its new AI generative features of Premier and in some of my social media groups, Editors where predicting doom - though to be fair, most of them in my network use Media Composer anyway.
AI is currently the darling of Venture Capital. During the pandemic, streaming services where its previous victim. Everyone wanted there money in the next Netflix. The irony being, Netflix won the war- all the money that went into cannibalising its market share was lost, then Netflix launched an advertiser funded tier and started scheduling sports rights - exactly the business model that Netflix sought to distrust in the first place.
Content is king but its distribution that pays the bills. All that venture capital money went into high-end film & TV production - or ‘scripted’, as I refer to it. Whilst this has a big benefit to the studios facilities, technicians, craft, transport, hotels... it doesn’t employ the lion’s share of Producers, Directors and Production teams in the UK - this is done by TV companies - and the networks are not commissioning.

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