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Via some project management social groups, came across this super interesting substack post by Timothy Burke. He argues that Technology meant to improve efficiency often end ups generating more work rather than less. Feels very poignant with the fear of what AI will do to our industries.
As somebody that has built a database or two, I can confirm that in the past I’ve become too enamoured with the shiny new tool that I’ve just finished building, that I have completely lost any perspective on wether its just creates more complexity in the first place.
Timothy argues that much of the drive for efficiency in software development isn't about saving peoples time, it's about eliminating specific jobs (even if it means more overall work), and that this benefits technology vendors rather than the organisations buying them.
Here are some actionable TLDR insights for you
Don't early adopter without planning: New tools are exciting, but don’t jump in without a clear implementation plan and an understanding of what efficiencies you are looking to make.
Audit before adopting: Before implementing new systems, conduct a thorough assessment of how the technology will impact current workloads. Involve those doing the actual work in this assessment.
"It's temporary" is a red flag: Be skeptical of temporary hires and workload increases to justify new systems. They often become permanent.
Don't chase the illusion of efficiency: Recognise the difference between meaningful productivity improvements and the illusion of efficiency created by redistributing work and adding complexity.
Focus on outcomes, not just tools: Question whether new technologies directly improve the core outcomes of your work, or merely change the process without meaningful gains.

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