Cooking Measurements & Conversion Chart
Cooking Measurements & Conversion Chart
Convert Half of Cups [Chart]

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What is half of 1/3 Cup?

What is half of 1/3 cup converted to tablespoons and fluid ounces.

Half of 1/3 Cup is equal to

2 tbsp + 2 tsp


1/8 cup + 2 tsp


1 1/3 fl oz

Other half of cups conversions

Half of 👉
1/4 cup
2 tbsp
1/8 cup
1 oz

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How to cut 1/3 cup in half for cooking?

When you want to divide a cooking measurement in a recipe in half, sometimes it’s easy to just divide the amount by two. Converting a cooking measurement is important so that you get the right amount of an ingredient in your recipe.
Getting half of one cup is easy, it’s just 1/2 cup. But other cooking measurements are more difficult like half of 1/3 of a cup. When your recipe calls for 1/3 cup and you want to to divide it in half to make less servings, it may not be easy to do this your measuring cup. Converting half of 1/3 cup to tablespoons or teaspoons may be easier especially with a measuring spoon. Another option is to weigh 1/3 cup and divide the number of grams by half.
To convert cups into tablespoons, you multiply the number of cups by 16. To convert cups into fluid ounces, you multiply the number of cups by 8.

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