2021 KP People Report



The events of 2020 brought many new challenges that none of us predicted, nor were we prepared for. Overnight, we changed the way we worked, lived, and connected. Through it all, you as People Leaders led the strategy around the sudden 100% remote environment. You advocated for your employees while keeping what's best for the business/company as the top priority. As we enter almost a full year of shelter in place and remote work, uncertainty and ambiguity remain around the timing of return to the office and rollout of the COVID vaccine. Our intention with the KP People Leaders community is for members to help support/share learnings. We are so grateful to have such a valuable cohort.

Thank you for participating in our Q1 2021 + return to office surveys. We hope this data will help you continue to invest in your People teams and finalize your return to office plans. The KP Talent team is here for you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


KP Talent Team


Thank you for participating in our Q2 2021 Survey. We hope this report provides valuable insight as we enter a post-COVID world. As you continue to invest in your employees and innovate around work culture, we remain committed to being an invaluable resource to you.

Highlights from this quarter are:

1. Sentiment is up.

Overall, sentiment is up compared to last year*, but People Leaders are still feeling the weight of the past year, citing exhaustion and burnout. We are seeing a fairly even split between those who feel energized and those who feel optimistic but tired. It is important to be aware of employee morale as data shows that movement between companies is at an all time high.
*In 2020, many participants acknowledged their vulnerability and shared that they felt uncertain.

2. Companies are rapidly adjusting their policies.

To remain competitive and attract diverse talent, companies are looking for the right combination of workplace policies and benefits that suits their current needs (product market fit, growth/revenue, talent pool). The 3 most common workplace models we are seeing are: remote friendly hybrid, virtual/remote first, and office centric hybrid.

3. The recruiting environment is as competitive as ever.

Even with remote work being an option for most businesses, the market for talent is more competitive than ever. With the economy slowly starting to recover from the impacts of COVID, candidates who held off looking for new opportunities last year, are actively on the market this year. Companies have needed to get creative with their recruiting (acquihires, international offices, etc) and offers.


KP Talent Team

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