2021 KP People Report
2021 KP People Report

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Sentiment 💡

Many of our CEOs, Founders, and Executives, including People Leaders, went into 2021 very optimistic. [1] However, there remains a lot of uncertainty especially around timing of return to the office. Some of our KP People Leaders reflected that uncertainty and acknowledged their vulnerability in their responses.

Tech Industry Sectors 📚

Below is a breakdown of our survey participants into their respective sectors.

Projected Headcount Growth (by capital raised) 🚹

More than half of our portfolio companies plan to grow between 50-75%, or plan to double headcount. This is almost close to the projected 2020 headcount pre-COVID where more than half of the portfolio companies planned to double headcount.

Role 📋

We have a mix of amazing leaders in the KP People Leaders community ranging from leaders focusing on HR/People to CEOs/co-founders and COOs.

[1] Based on survey data from January 2021

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