2021 KP People Report
2021 KP People Report

Participant Info

Sentiment 💡
Many of our CEOs, Founders, and Executives, including People Leaders, went into 2021 very optimistic. [1] However, there remains a lot of uncertainty especially around timing of return to the office. Some of our KP People Leaders reflected that uncertainty and acknowledged their vulnerability in their responses.
Created with Highcharts 9.3.1SentimentPercentageOptimisticEnergizedUncertainConcerned00.

Tech Industry Sectors 📚
Below is a breakdown of our survey participants into their respective sectors.
Created with Highcharts 9.3.1ConsumerDigital HealthEnterpriseFintechHardtechLife Sciences

Projected Headcount Growth (by capital raised) 🚹
More than half of our portfolio companies plan to grow between 50-75%, or plan to double headcount. This is almost close to the projected 2020 headcount pre-COVID where more than half of the portfolio companies planned to double headcount.
Created with Highcharts 9.3.1HC Growth$3-$10M$10-$25M$25-$50M$50-$75M$75M+Grow btwn 5%-25%Grow btwn 25%-50%Grow btwn 50%-75%Plan to doubleTBD00.0250.050.0750.10.1250.150.1750.20.2250.250.2750.30.3250.350.3750.40.4250.450.4750.50.525

Role 📋
We have a mix of amazing leaders in the KP People Leaders community ranging from leaders focusing on HR/People to CEOs/co-founders and COOs.
Created with Highcharts 9.3.1CEOCo-founderCOOCTONot VP/C-level but...Other*VP/C-level People ...

[1] Based on survey data from January 2021

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