2020 Kleiner Perkins People Report

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Recruiting + HR Tools

Talent Acquisition Suite
Sourcing Tools
Job Boards
44% use
29% use
10% use
17% use other tools such as
, , Excel/Google Sheets to track their applicants.
50% use tools for the technical screen
Top tools include:

(employee engagement)
(org chart automation)
(during interview process and offer extension)
(Payroll, Benefits, HRIS, MDM and IDM up to 2,000 employees)
Other HRIS:
/ (used by companies with 2000+ employees), ,
There are no rows in this table

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I)

Building diversity and inclusion initiatives into company values, day-to-day operations, leadership, culture and corporate branding is important, and can help you build a strong, high performing organization. Two of the most important practices for fostering diversity and creating inclusion are structure and consistency.
💡 Tip: Before you begin dedicating time or resources to a particular strategy, it's important to think about what specific barrier you hope it will address, and how you will measure impact.
Below are some resources that companies are leveraging to help with their DEI efforts.
👏 Job Boards / Talent Marketplaces
🎉 Community
📱 Tools
There are no rows in this table


Below are the commonly used comp databases. We encourage you to establish a compensation philosophy early on. Especially for an early stage company, it is impossible to compete on the cash front, so it is critical to help your candidates understand the potential upside in their equity.
is a free survey for VC-backed companies. By contributing your data, you can receive access at no cost. PLEASE NOTE: The database only shows Total Equity, which may include refresher grants and not just initial new hire grants. Given the equity data is often high, we recommend staying within the bounds of the 25th to 75th percentiles and considering both $ value and %.
is a paid compensation database backed by a worldwide consulting practice. The Technology, Life Sciences, and Sales Surveys include small startups to Fortune 100. Equity is denominated in both $ value and %, and New Hire vs. Total Equity is displayed. With global coverage and many specific jobs reported, most companies at the growth stage (post series C) pay for Radford. They will be launching updated and enhanced early-stage solutions this Fall.
in partnership with LTSE has developed which provides private company compensation market data (cash + equity), org analytics, and planning. It is free for pre-Series A companies.
is an open-source database of engineering, design, and product salaries. Please note that this is self reported data from employees. Only 2% of the data is validated based on offer letters and W2s, but it may be helpful in providing a general market data.
is a salary database for 2020 new grads. They use a median to aggregate total compensation so factors like location aren’t taken into account.

COVID Support From KP Portfolio Companies

Below are a few of the resources offered by our portfolio in response to COVID.
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