2020 Kleiner Perkins People Report

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People Team Structure

People Team Makeup

The sudden forced 100% remote environment due to COVID, the current global contexts and social movements have resulted in an increased need for experienced Heads of People/HR.
💡 Insight: We are seeing companies hire for this role earlier, around 50 employees, if the company has multiple offices, and around 75 employees, if the company only has one office.

Below is an average People team makeup based on Revenue. The most common first hire is usually a senior technical recruiter/sourcer or a generalist recruiter who has experience sourcing technical talent.
Image 29.png
💡 Insight: We saw a decrease in demand for recruiting talent this summer. We have seen demand pick back up since September.

The majority of companies with $10M+ in ARR have a talent lead.
Do you have a talent lead?
💡 Insight: Typically, startups are hiring their first in-house recruiter post-Series A funding. About a quarter of our companies waited until they raised their Series B to hire their first recruiter.

People Programs

The most common programs across all stages are (1) new hire onboarding, (2) performance reviews, and (3) employee referral programs. As companies shift their work culture to the hybrid model*, investing in programs such as interview training and unconscious bias training will be instrumental to building a strong company culture.
Please see for more information on onboarding, internships, and employee referrals.

*A hybrid work model is one where a small percentage of employees will be in the office 100% a week due to the necessity of their roles. The rest of the employees will be split across being in the office a few days a week with 1-2 WFH days, and being majority remote with 1-2 weeks a quarter at HQ.

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