2020 Kleiner Perkins People Report

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The data from the 2020 People Report consists largely of Enterprise, Consumer, and FinTech companies.

Company Size

This is a breakdown of the size of companies that participated. Most have fewer than 100 employees, and are at the Series A or Series B stage.

Projected 2020 Headcount Pre-COVID

More than half of the portfolio companies planned to double headcount as of year end 2019 / beginning of 2020, pre-pandemic.
Headcount plans (by capital raised)

Projected 2020 Headcount Post-COVID

As of May 2020, a little over half of the companies surveyed plan to keep their 2020 headcount the same. A handful of companies stated that they have increased their original 2020 headcount plans due to higher than expected growth. 36% of companies expect to decrease their headcount.
Changes to Headcount (across all stages)
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*This number also includes a small percentage of companies that plan to increase their original 2020 headcount plans.

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