2020 Kleiner Perkins People Report

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Overview of Common Benefits

The most common benefits across all stages are (1) flexible PTO, (2) commuter benefits (less relevant during current times), and (3) 401K offering without match. Majority of companies start to implement a formal parental leave policy when the company is around 75 people. On average, companies offer between 6 to 16 weeks of parental leave.
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WFH Stipend

Over 50% of our companies have implemented a WFH stipend for their employees.
Best Practices
Set a reimbursement limit ranging from $150 - $1,000.
Provide a defined reimbursable assortment (ex. desks, chairs, monitors, etc.) and suggest 1-2 companies to order from.
Have employees buy or and submit an expense report.

Many companies have provided one-time WFH stipends ranging from $150 to $1,000. Qualified items include:
Home office equipment
Food delivery services
Wellness: virtual fitness (), meditation (
/), mental wellness ()
WiFi (upgrades / full amount during the months of shelter-in-place)

Instead of a one-time stipend or in some cases, in addition to the one-time stipend, companies are offering:
Paid subscription to wellness apps (see above), entertainment (/), education/e-learning (/).
Stipend for groceries/snacks (, , , etc.)
Virtual wellness classes provided by the company (Yoga, Pilates, Meditation)
$200-$300 monthly stipend for food service
$50-a-month stipend & monthly support packages/gifts
Provide ongoing $50-a-month internet stipend (wanting to be in compliance with CA law for people who are doing work with their home internet...)
Allow employees to pick up items from the office that would help them WFH (monitors, keyboards, office chairs, tools, etc)

💡Insight: 68% of companies said that their WFH Stipend is different from the offerings for employees who are “fully remote”. Many companies did not have a WFH stipend prior to COVID. Some of the other differences include: wellness classes (new offering), WFH stipend was up to manager discretion and not company-wide policy, and in a few cases the fully remote employees had a higher one-time equipment stipend.

Supporting Working Parents

Please see the section for ideas on how to support working parents during this pandemic.

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