Service Description: Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the AWS cloud.
Instances: Virtual servers launched on the AWS cloud are known as instances.
Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
Definition: Preconfigured templates for EC2 instances.
Contents: Includes the operating system and any software packages needed to launch the instance.
Supported Operating Systems:
Amazon Linux
Windows Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Gentoo Linux
Oracle Linux
EC2 Compute Units (ECUs): Provide a relative measure of the integer processing power of an EC2 instance.
Control and Access
Full Control: Users have root/admin access at the operating system layer.
Key Pairs:
Components: A public key stored by AWS and a private key file stored by the user.
Windows AMIs: Private key file required to obtain the password for logging in.
Linux AMIs: Private key file used to securely SSH into the instance.
Metadata and User Data
User Data:
Purpose: Supplied by the user at instance launch, typically in the form of a script. It must be base64-encoded.
Limit: 16KB.
Availability: Not encrypted and accessible at .
Instance Metadata:
Purpose: Data about the instance used for configuration or management.
Access: Available at (trailing "/" required).
Usage Example: On Linux, use the curl command to view metadata: curl
Query Tool: Instance Metadata Query tool for querying metadata without typing out the full URI.


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