The Ultimate Coda Handbook for IT Teams
Save money by replacing tools

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SaaS Spend Reduction Tool

Why should you use SaaS Spend Reduction Tool?

Tool consolidation is on everyone’s mind. If you’re like me, you probably get a ton of emails on saving money, but no one provides an easy, actionable way to make smarter spend decisions. So we created this end-to-end SaaS Spend Reduction Tool to walk you through a four-step tool evaluation process.
Gather all of your SaaS tools & spend in one place: .
Visualize the data to identify consolidation opportunities, overspend, and unused seats: .
Survey users to evaluate proposed tool changes: .
Last but not least, present the recommendation to get buy-in, then execute: .
As you’ll notice, Coda is a fantastic tool along the whole process, from taking inventory through reporting and visualizing data to decision making and execution. Spend evaluation isn’t a one-time scenario though. I’d recommend bringing a dashboard like this into your IT Team Hub to continue iterating as your business evolves.
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