Support Ticketing

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How to use this doc

This doc is meant to be used as an internal Support Ticketing System.
Customers use the page to submit and keep track of their own requests. Internal support team members use the IT Support pages to reply to customers, log their work, and track the statuses of their tickets.

Before you begin

By leveraging a third party integration platform (e.g. Zapier) you can provide a streamlined workflow where internal customers can also submit support requests from email or chat platforms! At Coda, we create tickets in this doc through an integration with Zapier and Slack/Email!
Having a table under the “Team” page helps maximize the usage of this doc by pulling in your user’s attributes such as department, location, etc. We created an integration Okta in order to do so.
This doc is meant to be used like an app. You should first visit the page to configure your own settings


Auto-generated CSAT requests upon ticket completion
Tickets can be limited to only be viewed by internal support team members by toggling the setting in . This is accomplished through filters and page locking. If you use this setting, Make sure all pages under are locked and set to “Interact Only”
Total time to resolution can account for statuses for which the timer should be paused

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