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Projects & Products

Below is a sample of some notable projects I have worked on as well as products I created. More walkthroughs and explanations for other projects listed in my resumé are available upon request.
This is an interactive, responsive, and mobile-friendly website dashboard created for school leadership teams to monitor their progress toward their School Performance Plan goals with targeted analysis for actionable decision-making to accelerate schoolwide achievement, improve climate & culture, and mitigate disparities
This interactive and dynamic dashboard created in Google Sheets was used to monitor our schoolwide instructional progress and assess the efficacy of our coaching plan to accelerate teacher development by providing differentiated coaching support and inform schoolwide professional learning cycles.
This is an automated report that identifies students in danger of failing for the school year as well as the grade they need for each course to pass for the year. Grades by student and course are separated into three priority areas for cohort teams to target interventions as well as graphic summaries for schoolwide leadership to support scrum sprints and provide differentiated support. Automatically generated letters to students and home are created from this report as well.
For each reporting period (progress reports, report cards, semester, and school-year) for the past four year, I’ve created an automated Achievement Rollup Report that tracks progress toward School Performance Plan goals with graphical data summaries with targeted information most helpful for school leaders to implement targeted interventions.
Video recordings for the following facilitations:
Advanced Google Sheets: Calculations and Filters Using Queries
EdTech Institute 2022: Tech Tools for Trauma-Responsive Teaching
Google Level 2 Teacher Certification Prep: Google Sheets Walkthrough
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