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M.S. in Secondary Education Johns Hopkins University, 2021
BA in Philosophy ​Minor: Computer ScienceUniversity of Pittsburgh, 2017Summa Cum Laude


Standard Professional Certificate I ​Secondary ELA, 6-8 Math, ESOL
Advanced Professional Certificate ​Anticipated 2023
Google Level 2 Educator ​Google Workspace for Education
ACEs Master Presenter ​Family Tree MD, 2022
Certificate in Photography ​Int’l Center for Photography, 2015



Data analysis, cleansing, communication
Dynamic progress monitoring
Customized data reporting
Disparity analysis
Database management

Programming & Software

SQL, Java, Python, MATLAB
Responsive Web Design, HTML, CSS
Advanced Google Sheets, Excel
Complex, nested logic formulas
Google Suite, Microsoft Office
Basecamp, Coda, Notion, Trello
Miro, Canva, Padlet, Pear Deck


Program design & management
Agile, scrum
Case management
Systemic change
Professional development
Targeted intervention
Instructional coaching


Critical literacy
Connection before content
Cultural responsiveness
Universal design
Inquiry & project based learning
Social emotional learning
Mastery based grading
Blended learning


Systems theory
Conflict theory
Trauma responsive care
Student wholeness
Restorative justice
Abolitionist education
Data-driven decision-making

Data Specialist

Digital Harbor High School, 2019 - Present
Produced analytic data reports for each grading period to monitor trends in schoolwide achievement, climate, and attendance, as well as identify target student sub-groups for intervention, teacher failure rates, and disparities to redress
Developed and maintained automated, dynamic, and integrated systems to monitor professional expectations, accountability, and tiered support, seamlessly track and respond to behavioral referrals, and manage schoolwide coaching to inform instructional priorities and content-based weekly professional development
Designed and continuously improved the interactive school leadership progress monitoring dashboard using the latest web technologies to visualize schoolwide insights and trends in achievement, climate, attendance, and inequities
Identified students failing or in danger of failing courses and shared automated communication to students and families with their current grade and the grade needed to pass each course

Educational Associate

Digital Harbor High School, 2019 - Present
Served as the "Dean of Equity & Anti-Racism" to design and manage the transformation of schoolwide climate & culture and mitigate academic disparities using targeted data-driven interventions
Restructured and led differentiated biweekly Instructional Leadership Team meetings to facilitate the creation and implementation of sprint goals for data-driven, targeted Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions
Created the schoolwide coaching plan and implemented an adapted instructional framework focused on equity which contributed to a 27.3% decrease in student failure of one or more core courses in ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science in SY2122
Collaborated with diverse stakeholders to transform the schoolwide climate plan, expectations for all staff and students, and administrative and classroom-based responses to behavioral concerns to cultivate equity, restorative justice, and student wholeness which decreased suspension incidents by 8% in SY2122 compared to the abbreviated SY1920
Managed a team of wholeness specialists and climate staff to provide trauma responsive care for distressed students and facilitated weekly case conferences to discuss each specialist's targeted student caseload to improve SEL competencies
Founded the equity working group and restructured the climate team to center teacher and student voice to shape schoolwide administrative responses and promote a more inclusive and supportive educational environment for all stakeholders

Secondary English Teacher

Baltimore City Public Schools, 2017 - Present
Courses taught: AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Language & Composition, Standard and Honors English I and English II; evaluated effective or highly effective each year
Developed and implemented student responsive curricula using pedagogical frames centering critical thinking, advocacy, autonomy, and student wholeness

Professional Development

Created and led schoolwide professional development sessions on topics such as classroom culture, trauma responsive care, systemic oppression, effective practices along the restorative continuum, social emotional learning, relationship-building, preparation for Google Level 2 Educator certification, and advanced data analysis techniques
Redesigned and led school-based Early Career Teacher and New To District programming to accelerate new teacher growth with differentiated and targeted professional development
Led 1:1 coaching sessions with classroom teachers to improve competencies related to equitable classroom management, universal design, relationship-building, and restorative practices
School-based mentor and instructional coach for Early Career Teachers
Session builder for City Schools EdTech Institute, facilitating a session titled "Tech Tools for Trauma-Responsive Teaching" to educators in 21st century schools
Facilitated a professional learning community to enact a praxis of anti-racism and abolition in our teachers’ pedagogical framework, praxis, and habitus. Developed an adult learning curricula centering BIPOC and queer authors wherein staff read radical texts, reflected in weekly written discussion boards, and identified professional and personal application within their specific contexts. Cultivated self-reflection from school leaders, teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals to confront their intersectional identities and concomitant positionality within systems of power and oppression as well as apply theories of change to their praxis.

Additional Leadership

Advisory Program LeadDigital Harbor High School 2022 - Present
Restorative Practices Liaison ​Akoben, Digital Harbor High School 2021 - Present
Peer Mediation Program Lead ​Digital Harbor High School 2021 - 2022
SLP Ambassador ​Baltimore City Public Schools 2022 - Present
Mastery Based Grading Lead ​Digital Harbor High School 2021 - Present
Positive Schools Center Liaison ​Digital Harbor High School 2019 - 2020
Equity Fellow & PanelistCity Schools Office of Equity 2021 - Present
Student Wholeness Liaison ​Baltimore City Public Schools, CCEIS 2021 - Present
Literacy LeadNACA II Middle High School 2017 - 2019
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