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Meal Planner Template with Recipe Generator & Shopping List

Reduce food waste, save money, and eat well with AI-powered planning
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About this App-Like Template

Ready to meal plan like a pro? This doc will help you:
Create a plan for what you’ll eat – with a totally customizable template
Generate meal ideas using AI, based on ingredients you already have on hand
Keep track of recipes you’ve tried or want to try
Keep a shopping list
Use up ingredients taking up space in your kitchen, thereby lowering your grocery bill
Keep an eye on upcoming expiration dates
Ensure you’re prepared for an emergency, like a power outage or being snowed in
You can use it as it stands, or customize as much as you like.

What’s Coda?

I (
@Katy Stalcup
, hi 👋) created this doc using Coda. If you’re new to Coda...let me tell you, your life is about to change. It’s like your favorite doc met your favorite spreadsheet, plus you can see the same data in lots of ways, from tables to kanbans to calendars, and it has tons of easy-to-use app-like features, formulas, AI, and automations. It’s addictive! You can use this template as it stands, or if you want to get fancy, customize it to meet your needs. It’s totally free to get started.
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Let’s get started ➡️

Step 1: Make your own copy of this doc

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Step 2: Customize your location and type tables

Location: Any specific spot in your home that you store food.
Type: What sort of food is it – especially helpful for sorting out foods that are ready-to-eat, or that need to be prepared as part of a dish.
Garage fridge
Garage freezer
Garage shelves
Cupboard above toaster
Spice rack
Cupboards next to stove
There are no rows in this table
Dry ingredient
Frozen ingredient
Prepared food
Refrigerated ingredient
There are no rows in this table

Step 3 : Take inventory

If your shelves look anything like mine – with an abundance of random ingredients accumulated – this will take a while the first time. It’s so worth it! Get started on the page.

Step 4: Set goals

If you’d like to set a goal to reduce excess items from your kitchen, head over to . If that doesn’t appeal to you, just delete the page!

Step 5: Log recipes

Set up your with links to recipes you know and love or want to try. You can also leave this blank for now and add as you go.

Step 6: Generate Recipe Ideas

What can you make with the ingredients in your kitchen? Head for the to use AI to generate recipes that meet your parameters, using ingredients you have on hand. If you find something you like, you can easily save it to your recipe database and add it to your meal plan.

Step 7: Set up your meal plan

It’s time to make your plan! Set up your , logging recipes you’d like to make, plans to eat out, and more. You can set it up to note every meal of every day, or customize it to meet your needs.

Step 8: Use your shopping list

Use your to go grocery shopping. You can add items to your list individually or via your meal plan.
Tip: download the Coda app so you can use your list on-the-go at the grocery store.

Step 9: Plan for emergencies

What do you like to keep on hand to eat in case of emergency, such as a power outage or being snowed in? Check your page and see if you’re sufficiently stocked, or if you need to add anything to your list.

Step 10: Set up automated reminders

You can set up reminders to fill out your meal plan, to update your shopping list, and to use ingredients with upcoming expiration dates. Go set them up on

Step 11: Give your feedback

I’d love to know what was helpful and what could be improved about this doc. Let me know: .
Cheers, & happy planning!
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