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Dynamic Range - a Flagrant podcast

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Where the Flagrant Team gets to pull levers & effect (affect? 馃槶I never know) change!

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Focus on self care:

perspective building & goal setting with your current mental health
interested in YOUR experience.
compile into a publicly accessible digital gallery
credit in the form of recognition
Flagrant RESET is a conduit for interactions between team members through facilitated engaging experiences (digital and IRL, public and private) to support a safe space for learning and collaborations to organically arise.
If you value TIME & SELF CARE, it鈥檚 time to TAKE ACTION!
鈥淏e original and stay true to yourself. Don鈥檛 be afraid to try new stuff. The more original you are, the more you鈥檙e gonna stand out. Pay attention to your craft, keep recording, keep writing, keep making beats. Don鈥檛 waste time. Make sure you put all your ideas down.鈥 - Big Boi


What is RESET?

How do we record?

Over Zoom

Where/how is the podcast shared?

Buzzsprout link coming soon

What are some questions that could come up?

What advice would you give to a younger you that鈥檚 preparing to go through something similar?
thoughts/reflections/insights about prompts & workshops you鈥檝e experienced
design forms, pop-ups, post-card drop off at local coffee shops or maybe at an event near you!
connecting with other people (spending time with family and friends)
hacking self-care at work: email/social media/tv
time tracking - how we鈥檙e spending our time + how positive we feel while doing it

What are some examples of RESETs?

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