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Dynamic Range - a Flagrant podcast

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Cross Stitch Eps. Notes

Need icebreaker at the beginning of interview:

What do you consider yourself to be a newbie at?
What do you consider yourself to be pretty pro at?

Intro - whats going on, what’s coming up and music

Podcast name change from Brackets to Dynamic Range


Elizabeth headshot - okay with us putting an anonymous avatar?

What is cross stitch?
Different than other fabric arts?
Latch hook

How did you get started?
interested you about cross stitch?

When do you cross stitch the most?

Melissa - pixel art
1st: kit of a care bear sledding down the hill, spilled pasta sauce on it, but i covered with white, and sledding directly into a snow bank
2nd 100 different colors - 3 or 4 years now
Elixabeth - husband was looking at pixel art and i was like I can stitch that!
middle school santa
recently, started with deathstar

there is an end!
minor goals to get to 3 sections
i can fnish the sky in likee 3 months.
melissa 10x10 square and fill it in

Eliza - scatter method. do all the blue and then go back and go in.

Do u mark off 10x10 sections? i like to use fabric marker, others have used fishing line.
fishing line - weave through fabric?

Embroidery is more like a freestyle approach & not limited to grid

Like pixel art, but more flexibility like back sticking to outline, french knot to get a point there. 3/4 stitches or half stitch

when ur NOT doing 100 colors, cross stitch is a very easy hands busy that doesn’t require my full attention.

Eliza usually have a small cross stich going- but driving up the wall without it.

Tools of cross stitch - needle rabbit hole. reddit for cross stitch

lace knit shawl

while it’s great to challenge yourself, don’t just off a cliff.

cod from color to embroidery colors
adjust to top 3 colors
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