migo IQ Inc. Service Agreement Template 2023 v10.1.1

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migo IQ Software as a Service Agreement

This migo IQ Software as a Service Agreement ("Service Agreement") is made on [
January 28, 2021
] (the "Effective Date") between Migo IQ, Inc. (“migo”or “migo IQ” or "
migoIQ_icon_electra2 (1).png
"), whose principal place of business is in 151 San Francisco St., San Juan, PR 00901 and __________________________________________[PARTY B NAME], [whose principal place of residence is at ___________________________________________ / a Puerto Rico corporation with its principal place of business at] ________________________________________________________ [PARTY B ADDRESS]] (the "[PARTY B ABBREVIATION]").
The capitalized terms used in this agreement, in addition to those above, are defined in common english language.

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