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Wednesday 11/17


Understand nutritional labels and compare the nutritional value of different foods

Macronutrient Facts:
Macronutrients are the main nutrients that make up the food we eat:
Fats → Break down to fatty acids
provides the most energy per gram and are needed for cells to work and grow
Stored in cells to provide energy between meals
Proteins → Break down to amino acids
provides energy and are needed for cells to work and grow
Carbohydrates: Starches → break down to Sugars
Sugars provide quick energy
Too much sugar at a time can cause major health problems
Fiber can’t be broken down, but helps slow the absorption of sugars

1: Find out which foods have fat (and how much protein, carbs, sugar)

Record the amount of calories, fat, proteins and carbohydrates for the following:
Copper Canyon - 4 common foods
(White Corn Flour - Masa) Change the serving size to 1 oz
SAD - 4 common foods

Optional Extra: Use atom models to build nutrient molecules

Fatty Acids (shortest ones) - Use the order of elements written below as a guide

Can you link three to make a fat?

Amino Acids - use the pictures as a guide and then write the formula.
Sugars - use the picture as a guide and then write the formula

2. Start setting up our circulation game

Put your names on the top sheet
Label the lungs, heart, kidneys and femur
Shade arteries, going away from the heart bright red
Shade veins, going toward the heart dark red
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