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Monday, November 15th
Find out what foods have protein
Find out how protein moves through the digestive system

First: Find out how much protein is in each food (you will test 1-2 foods)
Gather 1 of everything: a tray, 1 food in a cup, forceps, a cup of water with a pipette, 1 protein test strip, 1 plastic portion cup
Mass about 1 gram of food into the portion cup
Break food apart with forceps spoon of fingers into tiny pieces
Add 1 full pipette of water and mix with forceps or toothpick
Wait 1 full minute
Put protein test strip in for 1 full second (one one thousand)
Set strip next to food and wait for one full minute
Check your test strip and record:
Yes: blueish green to blue
Some: Yellowish green
None: Yellow
Pass your food to the next person and repeat with the next food
Second: Track how protein moves through the digestive system

Use this graph and your table handout to track how the amounts of these two nutrients are changing as they move through the digestive system
Protein and Amino Acids 2
This is the end of a protein molecule These are nutrients called amino acids

Talk to your partner about the following:
Q: How is the protein similar to and different from the amino acid nutrients?
Q: What is happening to protein as it moves through your digestive track?
Take a photo of your answer with your table’s ipad

Optional Extra: Use atom models to build and write the formula for the two amino acids shown above.
Take a photo when you have made one or both.

Last - if there is time : Check your plants
Get out your Sprouting Seeds Data
Gather a scale, the seedling tray that matches your seed number, the 3 small portion cups that match your number
Use the scale and portion cups to carefully find the mass of (remember to subtract the mass of the cups):
1) corn seeds and record
2) squash seeds and record
3)bean seeds and record
Notice: Did the seeds gain, lose or keep the same mass? Why do think that happened?

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