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Tuesday, November 16th


Understand the journey of fat through our body

Read Fat Facts

Fats make up much of our cell membranes, and cell parts
Fats are necessary for cell growth 💪
Fats are necessary for 🧠 brain and 👁️ eye health
Fats help us absorb many 💊 vitamins
Fats are necessary for 🤕 wounds to heal
Fats are necessary for our 😷 immune cells that defend our body from disease
Fats provide more 🔌 energy per serving than any other macronutrient (carbs or protein)
Your stored fat is a main source of your body’s energy between 🍽️ meals

1. Check your plants

Get out your Sprouting Seeds Data
Gather a scale, the seedling tray that matches your seed number, the 3 small portion cups that match your number
Use the scale and portion cups to carefully find the mass of (remember to subtract the mass of the cups):
1) corn seeds and record
2) squash seeds and record
3)bean seeds and record
Notice: Did the seeds gain, lose or keep the same mass? Which kind of seed changed the most

2. Use the fat test on 2 foods

Using a pencil predict which of the foods contain fat
Split a coffee filter into two sheets
Label one: donut and the other lard
Over a tray, use a piece of wax paper to smash a small piece of each food against the coffee filter
Scrap any pieces of food off of the filter with the wax paper
Translucent splotches are caused by the fat in the food

3. Follow the Fat Journey

Look at fat molecules and fatty acid molecules. What do you notice?
Look at the Eating Fat graph and record what happens to fat and fatty acids as they go through your digestive system
what happens to fats as they move through your digestive system?

Eating Fat Graph

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