The Inner Hajj

The Inner Hajj

The knowledge of the Heart in your heart

“Ever since Allah’s abode has existed, Allah has not lived in it.
In my heart, however, there is nothing but the Ever-living One.
The Ka’ba is a building of the Friend, the son of Azar
The heart is the building of the Greatest Majestic One.”

In the year 8 AH, Muhammad SAW humbly entered Mecca with his head bowed down. Out of his extreme happiness, he recited Surah Fatah and Surah Nasr in a beautiful and melodious tone. Then, he entered the Sacred Masjid on his camel Qaṣwā. He rode straight to the southeast corner of the Kaʿba and touched the Black Stone with his staff. With someone holding the bridle of his camel, he then performed the ṭawāf, the seven rounds of the Holy House, before wheeling away to confront the 360 idols of the pagan Arabs that stood on the perimeter. Pointing to each idol in turn, he recited the Qurʾanic verse:
Truth has come, and falsehood has passed away, for behold, falsehood is bound to pass away. 17: 81
At this, each idol is said to have fallen forward on its face, causing them to prostrate.
He then entered the Ka’ba and removed all idols therein, the inside of the Ka’ba was washed with Zamzam water, and he offered Salah. After that, he went to all the corners of the Ka‘ba and illuminated them with the sound of Tawhid and Takbir.



The container of the Uncontainable.

For Sufis, the overthrowing of idols by the Prophet SAW at the Great Sanctuary is to be re-enacted within each seeker of Truth at the center of their being in their quest for the Ever-Living. So likewise, the human heart is to be cleansed of all imaginings that debase it. For Ibn ʿArabī:

When God created your body, He placed within it a Kaʿba, which is your heart. He made this temple of the heart the noblest of houses in the person of faith (muʾmin). He informed us that the heavens, in which there is the Frequented House (al-bayt al-maʿmūr), and the earth, in which there is the [physical] Kaʿba, do not encompass Him and are too confined for Him, but He is encompassed by this heart in the constitution of the believing human. What is meant here by ‘encompassing’ is knowledge of God.”
However, the knowledge of this place within each of us is one thing. It is quite another to undertake the journey to reach it and overcome the obstacles on the road.
Join us in community for eight days of profound transformation as we circumambulate the Ka’ba of our hearts, and embody the meanings of the rites of this holy pilgrimage.


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The retreat starts at 9am on Saturday, June 24th and ends at 5pm on Saturday, July 1st. We invite you to arrive the night before and settle in, to be ready for our first check-in the next morning. It is quite ideal to commence the retreat with everyone present!
This zawiyyah will be guided by Nasir Possenig and Jamila Liza.
Daily Morning
4:15 Fajr
4:30 Practices
8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Check in
12:30 Lunch
Daily Afternoon
13:30 Dhuhr
16:00 Check in
17:30 Asr
18:00 Dinner
19:00 ʾAdʿiyah
20:45 Maghrib
22:30 Isha
Community Gatherings
10th Dhu al-Hijjah
Thursday 29th
Friday 30th


EARLY RATE, by June 3rd 2023.
$1,450 USD, double occupancy.
$1,700 USD, single occupancy.

REGULAR RATE, after June 3rd 2023.
$1,600 USD, double occupancy.
$1,850 USD, single occupancy.
Full balance due on June 10th 2023.

Cancelation Policy
Once registered, if you need to cancel your participation please notify us via email at .
After June 3rd 2023, the $300 deposit is non refundable.


Eight retreat days, with accommodations.
Meals included are breakfast, lunch and dinner for the eight retreat days.
Sufi practices in group.
2 daily check-ins in group.
Optional: The night before and the night after the retreat, to accommodate for travel needs; without additional charge.
We have limited space, follow your heart’s calling and register soon.

Zawiyyah is available to all beloveds who have taken hand with Sidi Muhammad Al-Jamal or one of his senior teachers. If you are interested in this program yet you have not taken hand, please reach out to find out what other programs we have available for you.


Our program takes place at the International Peace Center. Serenity and relaxation await you in this splendid Moroccan-themed strawbale building, featuring six charming guest rooms.
Choose a private or shared space, we offer three single occupancy rooms, and three double occupancy rooms. All of our comfortable rooms are equipped with ensuite bathrooms, and our shared rooms’ ensuites are segmented -offering added privacy.


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Established in 2003, The Farm of Peace is the heart of the Shadhuli tariqa on the east coast. Follow a mile-long drive down a gravel lane and you will find 150 acres nestled between other farms, state game-lands, and the stunning foot hills of the nearby Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania.
A two-hour drive from Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Pittsburgh, the Farm of Peace features a retreat and healing center, a working farm and a spiritual community; offering a holy space to deepen our spiritual walking, uncover the beauty and the secrets within our deep heart.
​Lodging takes place at the International Peace Center. A Moroccan-themed eco building with 6 bedrooms, all with private baths.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, or want to connect please email
With love,
~ The Zawiyah Team
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