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Horizontal Pod AutoScaling for Browserless

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Horizontal Pod AutoScaling for Browserless

This document is about HPA (Horizontal Pod Autoscaling) in Browserless Pods. It gives context behind autoscaling and technologies, in-depth steps to follow, and some ways to troubleshoot errors.

Summary of Implementation:

We collect metrics from Browserless pods by deploying a container that runs a Browserless deployment and a Browserless-metrics-exporter in every pod. The Browserless-metrics-exporter scrapes metrics from the Browserless deployment and changes the metrics into Prometheus format . We enable Prometheus scraper using Sumologic Helm chart and tell it to scrape an endpoint exposed by the Browserless-metrics-exporter that returns metrics in Prometheus format . Now Prometheus is able to scrape metrics at regular intervals. Next, we deploy a prometheus-adapter using a prometheus adapter Helm chart which lets the scraped metrics be accessible by Kubernetes. Lastly, the can query for desired metrics and control the deployment of Browserless Pods. By setting appropriate scaling policies that use the queried metric we have configured Horizontal Pod Autoscaling for Browserless Pods.

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