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K12 Sales Lead

Applicable experience: Sales, Business Development, or Customer Success roles at K12 education content companies, edtech companies, companies that sell CTE content, companies that sell hardware to schools, architecture firms

Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident only.

What we’re looking for

A person experienced in K12 sales, ideally with an established network of district contacts and strong ability to close sales and maintain customer relationships.

You should be:

comfortable with CRM tools like Hubspot and campaign automation
charismatic or easy for customers to relate with
a good listener
a bit of a techie (you don’t need to know how to code or build anything, but you should understand technology)

Ideally you have good district contacts in the Midwest (especially Kansas City area), Texas, Pennsylvania, Washington state, or North Carolina.
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What you’ll do

Lead sales with Nikil (founder of inventXYZ)
Research customers
Develop promotional campaigns and evaluate their success
Eventually build out a team

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About inventXYZ

inventXYZ is a tech education startup by Penn and Carnegie Mellon grads.
We’re immersing every student grades 7-12 in AI, Virtual Reality, Web Development, Electronics, and Rapid Prototyping through innovative real-world projects in every class they take.
E.g. History: Recreate ancient civilizations in VR; English: Write a blog article using data visualizations as evidence; Algebra: Build and code an electronic music instrument; Physics: Analyze sports technique using motion capture.
You will be one of the first employees of a startup that is changing the world in a meaningful and equitable way.
We were awarded the President’s Innovation Prize by the University of Pennsylvania in 2020:
And we’ve been helping design the Ignition Lab makerspace for Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City. (Super Bowl winning football player).
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