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CTO (Data Engineering / Full-stack)

Applicable experience: Data Engineering, Backend or Full-stack Webdev, Business Analytics
Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident only.
What we're looking to do
Make tools that make sales easier. This involves targeting districts and creating automated campaigns based on their prior demonstrated interest.
MVP: fetch from existing APIs about school purchases, analyze that, and generating relevant email templates.
Subsequent versions: scrape additional information directly from school and architecture firms’ websites (may need NLP to extract key info). We can also display the data on a map to identify which regions of the US are most interested in what we’re doing.
Develop inventcurriculum to teach data and webdev. Develop projects where high school students build or code real-world technology products as part of their normal academic classes.
Make a webapp to deliver our curriculum and manage makerspaces.
MVP: bolt on analytics dashboards and autograding to our existing 3rd party software.
Subsequent versions: a custom webapp with user roles and telemetry to track student progress and make it easy to rapidly improve the content. Should be easily updatable and deployable requiring minimal server and infrastructure cost.

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What we’re looking for
You’re a good fit if you
love learning and explaining how frameworks and technology work
have made several “ugly duckling” projects and iterated on them and now people say “wow that’s impressive”
are looking for a CTO-kind of role where you get a chance to own several projects instead of being siloed into one tiny feature of a massive product
like to build a small feature, unit test it, and then keep expanding
want a slightly non-traditional job
care about social impact, inequity, or empowering kids with real-world skills
have been a teaching assistant or done STEM outreach
want to be surrounded by innovative people to build side projects
Ideally, you have 1-2 years industry experience or you ran a club / organization that ran production apps (e.g. college hackathon organizer, app development consulting).

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About inventXYZ
inventXYZ is a tech education startup by Penn and Carnegie Mellon grads.
We’re immersing every student grades 7-12 in AI, Virtual Reality, Web Development, Electronics, and Rapid Prototyping through innovative real-world projects in every class they take.
E.g. History: Recreate ancient civilizations in VR; English: Write a blog article using data visualizations as evidence; Algebra: Build and code an electronic music instrument; Physics: Analyze sports technique using motion capture.
You will be one of the first employees of a startup that is changing the world in a meaningful and equitable way.
We were awarded the President’s Innovation Prize by the University of Pennsylvania in 2020:
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And we’ve been helping design the Ignition Lab makerspace for Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City. (Super Bowl winning football player).
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Ideally you have strong skills and understanding in at least one of
Data engineering
Full-stack web-development
Machine learning / natural language processing (NLP)
Web scraping
We recognize that there’s usually not a single person with all of these experiences, but we expect you to be strong in at least one of the above and be able to figure out some of the others.
We’re hoping you have familiarity with tools like
Data Engineering
Python / R
Pytorch or similar
BERT or other NLP techniques
Named entity extraction
Fetching from 3rd party APIs
You have a strong design / UX sensibility and can make sites with responsive, fluid, and performant CSS.
Gatsby / NextJS
AWS / Google Cloud
AWS Lambda functions / Google Cloud functions / Cloudflare workers
Postgresql / Firebase
Mapbox / OpenStreetMaps / Google Maps
Integrating 3rd party APIs
Ideally, you have experience deploying projects to cloud services and designing services in a way that minimizes costs.

Even if you haven’t done all of these things, you’re quick to learn, hands-on, and know who to ask or where to look for guidance and help.

I'm interested

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